! ViVa eL SoL !

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The sun warms the mind, heart and body allowing inspiration, love and movement to flow ~

Another Day

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Another day begins. I sit in the grass and let the heat of the rising sun permeate through my body, melting my fear from last night’s vastness, wind coming out of the big abyss far below and coytees howling all around. Its a new day. The land looks welcoming and friendly in the early light. The birds are chirping and the river far below cheerfully bables. A decided breakfast in Madras lifts my spirits and gives me more purpose in… Read More »Another Day

For the Love of Nature

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Revelling in the athleticism I feel in my body, as I hop nimbly from one rock to the other, deep in a canyon…….I see many parallels between the art of hopping rocks and the art of living life. Nature has many lessons to teach us if we choose to see them. Above all, ~ Nature teaches one to live lovingly~


A Saddness seeps in to my seemingly delighted demeanor, a storm is coming. I feel so alone. The intensity of life is pulsating all around me. I must be handle it on my own….. and who’s to say its intense? I am becasue I feel it that way, others would say I’m being silly but that is how it is.

A winding Journey

Genius needs freedom; it cannot flower if it is encumbered by fear, or rancor.


The taste of coffee too strong, the feeling that you must work in order to [progress{?}],battling the heavy feeling that you are incapable. The white walls. The cold. The solitude. The isolated/insane personalities you are surrounded by. The winds of the past are blowing by me and I can smell the smells, taste the tastes and feel the feelings as if I am again in that world. A world created by so many intricate dynamics that the weaving couldn’t possibly… Read More »NEEW YooRK